How to achieve your perfect coastal chic

Coastal Chic

It’s a world of summer, sunlight and sea-breeze.  It’s fresh, it’s inviting and it’s as soothing as nature itself.

You don’t have to have an apartment overlooking Bondi or a property in Kiama to enjoy the beach all year round.

So, what are the key elements of Coastal Chic Style?

Close your eyes for a moment and think about the last time you walked along the beach.  What are the visions and feelings that flood into your mind?  Fresh air; sunshine; sea breeze; happiness; calm.  These are exactly the elements and emotions that Coastal Chic captures.

Natural light is probably one of the biggest single secrets, and one that is easy to overlook.  Nature amplifies the light rather than soaking it up, so this style makes the most of any windows or glass doors and allows the light to flood the room.  Minimal window furnishings and white or light coloured walls help to blend the inside with the outside world, and create a free-flow and airy atmosphere.

If the room is lacking in natural light, a glass-topped table, large mirror or the use artificial lighting can help illuminate and create the desired feel.

Colour palette is generally one that reflects nature.  Again, think about the colours of the coast:  white, sand, brown, blue and aqua.  All natural and organic colours that are soothing yet invigorating.

White walls and furnishings are always crisp and clean.  Professionally styled, white rooms are inviting and refreshing.  Their simplicity and purity never goes out of fashion and their unsophisticated elegance is hard to beat.

However, for a little bit of contrast, white can be layered with cream, beige, grey, pastel blue or even brown.  All these colours are natural, easy to the eye and incredibly relaxing.

Blue and aqua conjure up images of sea and sky – refreshing and soothing.  But, overdone they might feel cold and uninviting.

Sand.  A key element to the ocean and one that must be incorporated.  Sun soaked blonde tones can be included in raw wooden furniture, rattan, floorboards or gold picture frames.  All these features are subtle, yet draw in the rich honey-coloured hues of shifting dunes.

So, does all this mean that coastal chic style doesn’t allow for anything bold or bright?  No way!  A beautiful coral-coloured vase, bold red and white stripes like a lighthouse, or a bright aqua cushion all fit perfectly and help create that free and easy feel.  A professional stylist knows just how much to do to maintain the harmony of the ocean, yet create enough personality in each room.

Textures used in this style are mostly organic and natural.  It’s a world of weathered wood, jute, linen, wicker, rattan and seagrass.  These elements, incorporated in rugs, throws, tables and chairs and ornaments, all ring true to the theme and create a wonderfully casual and welcoming air.

Plush fabrics and dark wood can, with professional skill, be carefully incorporated, however they are rather an exception to the rule.  A dark, knotted wooden chest can look really stunning against a whitewashed wall, or a chocolate coloured armchair in a sun-kissed room.  It takes an eye trained in home styling to create a room with perfect balance.

Décor is, of course, the icing on the cake. Vases of seagrass, a potted plant or piece of memorabilia from the ocean.

A waterfront house is everyone’s dream and, with the expertise at Urban Chic, we can bring this feel to your property even if the coast is miles away.


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